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October 19th & 20th, 2pm - 6pm both days
November 9th & 10th, 2pm - 6pm both days

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"It is really eye opening to see the girls sparring with the guys. Very empowering, even to a peaceful, nonviolent old lady like me."
-Barb C.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Different formats OFFERED
FOR women & TEEN self-defense

Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu offered all year long.
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We have provided training for groups such as the Nurses Honor Guard, Girl Scouts, various Girls Clubs, and many businesses, accommodating large corporations to small private groups.
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"I took the women's self defense class (an hour and a half, five days a week for three weeks) and I loved it! I am confident that if I was attacked I could defend myself. The great thing about the women's self defense class is that we learn how to take down someone bigger and stronger than us. We learned how to defend ourselves if someone grabbed us, get out of a choke hold, disarm a gunman and knifeman, etc. On top of that the class was so much fun and Master Maui is a great teacher."  - Phoebe G. Tempe, Arizona

weekly classes
women & teens self-defense all year
with saito Bloodline ninjitsu

We provide unparalleled training in self-defense for women and teens in our weekly Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu Classes.  These classes offer a friendly, comfortable, and encouraging atmosphere.  We have extensive experience training people of all ages from all walks of life, with varying abilities and confidence levels.  Almost immediately our students feel a huge increase in confidence as they start learning the skills and abilities that will keep them and those they love safe.

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"We also ended up taking the Young Women's Self Defense class which was incredible.  Learned SO much and really boosted my daughter's confidence." - Barbara C.

more about warrior Women & teens self-defense training

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This is our most popular class!

An intensive training program, available to all women, young women, and teens, and we often promote this training to those entering college. Often mothers and their daughters will attend together.

This course is offered at different times throughout the year - just look for our flyer at the top, it is also made available other times of the year upon request.

This course is the best way to get self-defense knowledge. There are companies out there that offer one-time classes that are usually only a few hours total at most.  We do not offer training that brief.  For good reason.  Although it may be argued it is better than knowing nothing at all, it is in truth not enough time to have the training to protect oneself with any real significance and confidence, despite what their advertising may sound like, or what the classes may feel like.  We have training that is far more effective, based on knowledge and experience that is well beyond any advertised self-defense school.

Master Maui Saito teaches these courses himself.  You don't have to wonder who the instructor will be.  And you will be training with someone who is kind, sympathetic, extremely skilled,  knowledgeable, and fun to learn with.  He makes everyone comfortable, and everyone has a great time learning.  It really is a great, fun and an invaluable experience!


“I panicked! My Daughter graduated from High School and was headed for the the east coast for college. Worst of all, she’s deaf. We called Master Maui and scheduled some private instruction classes. My daughter learned some great self-defense techniques and improved her life-skills. He trained her with her eyes closed so she could use her aura as a defense mechanism. I saw my little girl beat up some pretty big guys, Wow! On her summer break, she was back with Master Maui because she really loved the training, Awesome!” 
- Mary


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fun and effective

We leave nothing out - Providing the best and most effective self-defense techniques specifically designed for realistic sexual assault situations. Techniques for both the ground and standing, keeping an attacker from gaining control - Escapes from Grabs, Holds, Chokes, Pins, Punches, Attacks from behind - using strikes, breakaways, and offensive tactics that increase your survival; social distance awareness, and avoidance.  …How to deal with single or multiple attackers, those with weapons, and using impromptu weapons from available objects as a part of defense strategy.  Knowing all your options, how to use them.  The training is designed to instill techniques into muscle memory, so in any situation the technique is used automatically.  The education provides eye-opening realistic, full awareness of actual real-life threats, where they are, what they are, what to do, and how to improve one’s chances of avoiding them.

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THIS COURSE is the real deal and teaches what you or your family member needs to be prepared.  And it will be fun! Take this precious opportunity for an invaluable gift.

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"This place is awesome! My daughter and I took the self defense class over the summer and it was really a life changer. My daughter gained a lot of confidence and I really felt like I stepped out of my box.  Master Maui and Master Daron packed all kinds of skills and info into every class. They create such a safe fun environment, you feel you can do anything, like fend off a larger attacker, or jump out of a window if necessary or defend your family. We met so many other nice people too. The dojo is like a big family.



STATISTICS & college bound young women

Current accurate statistic on college and high school campuses show a 1 in 5 incident of sexual assault.  The reporting by many colleges is often low or zero, and does not accurately reflect that many institutions actively block reporting.  The situation existing on campuses today is described as an epidemic.  If you are concerned about your family member going off to college, there is a documentary that provides a very eye-opening comprehensive report The Hunting Ground: http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/01/21/radius-cnn-films-hunting-ground-trailer.cnn


“Parents Against Sexual Assault:  Not Just Any Self-Defense Course!”

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