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"What a great place to learn the martial art of Ninjitsu.  Master Maui and Sensei Daron are GREAT teachers, the way they teach with knowledge and ease makes it a great learning environment.  They make the learning experience great.  They are patient and work with you and make sure you understand what you are doing. They make you feel at home. They make it enjoyable so you enjoy taking the class and can't wait to come back for more. I think it beats out any other martial arts that is out there, this class is taught by a great Master of Ninjitsu and you get a lot of different instruction to learn new and different stuff. The way the teachers are calm and patient and they want to see you succeed and learn Ninjitsu.

 "They have a weapons class that is loads of fun, they teach Katana blade, Sais, nunchucks, and other Ninjitsu weapons, as well as self defense against those that may have weapons. The other classes are learning Ninjitsu moves to work up the rank to earn your belts. I am very happy that I found this place and found such great teachers to teach me. They make it a fun learning environment. I will keep coming back to learn more and all I can learn from such great and dedicated teachers.

"I am very very impressed with how the company is run, how each class is run and how the instructions are done in each class and how the teachers teach the students, you would not go wrong coming to this place to learn. Worth checking it out and taking classes here you wont go wrong. I love it there and can't wait for the next class to be back for more. You are always learning different things in each class so its never boring or same old same old stuff, the teachers mix things up to give things a variety lots of stuff."
- Adam Muranko
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"This place is awesome! My daughter and I took the self defense class over the summer and it was really a life changer. My daughter gained a lot of confidence and I really felt like I stepped out of my box.  Master Maui and Master Daron packed all kinds of skills and info into every class. They create such a safe fun environment, you feel you can do anything, like fend off a larger attacker, or jump out of a window if necessary or defend your family. We met so many other nice people too. The dojo is like a big family.

My son is taking the Tiger Warriors class now, and he loves it. I am taking the Ninjitsu adult class. Even though there are many different skill levels, I don't feel intimidated or left out. We do something fun every class, and the other students are more than helpful. There is an even mix of men and women and all different ages.

It is really eye opening to see the girls sparring with the guys. Very empowering, even to a peaceful, nonviolent old lady like me."
-Barb C.
Scottsdale, Arizona
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"Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu is the real deal. I am someone who has previously studied a Japanese martial art (shotokan). So I know something about karate. First of all let me say that Master Maui is a very personable, friendly and all around great person. On top of that, he knows how to teach. That is very important. I was looking for a martial arts studio that taught real life self defense and fighting techniques. It's a dangerous world out there. Most martial arts studios don't teach real life combat skills. As a child my son studied Taekwondo. While that was fun, it didn't really teach fighting skills. Most high level belts of that school couldn't fight their way out of wet paper bag. Krav Maga is popular today because of this very fact. It emerged to teach real fighting skills where traditional martial arts faltered. Now, let's talk about Saito Ninjitsu - It is Krav Maga on steroids. Much, much more. I started studying with Master Maui after my son, now a police officer, had been studying with him a few years. My son has tried some of the techniques taught here on me. And frankly, he has put me in more pain than I have ever experienced in my life (and I'm a big strong guy). These techniques really work and every police officer should attend his law enforcement classes for their own safety. I have learned some, well, brutal techniques that would disable any attacker. I have no desire to break anyone's bones, but in a bad situation, I might have to. Master Maui also teaches realistic blocking techniques. Much better than my former Shotokan blocks. Oh, and speaking of Master Maui, how often do you get the chance to train with a true Master? It's actually pretty rare. Another advantage of Saito Ninjitsu is the fact that I can control someone with very workable locking techniques. In other martial arts you basically punch and kick your way to victory over an opponent. Hopefully your opponent is not too big or he's not a better puncher than you. I'd rather, throw some quick counter attacks, then lock him up and hold him for the police. As you would expect, any ancient Japanese martial art has a spiritual component to it. I have to say, that is a very intriguing aspect of Saito Ninjitsu as well."

- Mark Whitis Phoenix, AZ
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Guns freak me out! I loved the personal instruction on Gun defense and awareness. I learned some great techniques, take downs and take aways to disarm my attacker.”  - Joe


"I have studied with Master Maui for over a year and am so impressed with what I learn class after class. The Women's Self-Defense class is one that keeps me feeling secure, strong and able to handle any regular life situations and/or challenges. Master Maui is a true Ninjitsu Master, incorporating the spiritual aspect of the Art. As this art is 1% physical and 99% Spiritual. The Kids class is absolutely the BEST! They have SO much fun!"
- Tarja S.
Tempe, Arizona


"Great team, learn a lot very dynamic and knowledgeable!!"
- Andrea Ruiz
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"I've attended his school for the past 2 months, along with my 2 daughters, and I find his teachings are just excellent. Maui is teaching us 40 different martial arts, along with Ninjitsu. I've compared what we are learning with what others have learned from other teachers, and it's just not comparable. We are learning to do things the exact right way, from the very beginning, so that we can best defend ourselves, and avoid injuring ourselves in the process."
- Steve B.
Scottsdale, AZ


“The Healing of a true warrior that Master Maui has taught me has helped my health and professional life so much. I’m a new person.”  - Jenny


"Master Maui's classes in QiGong are all about energy. His classes are for the young and the old. I am 86 years young at heart. Qi Gong is a way to unfold the energy locked within us, just waiting to be used in a more conscious manner. Through the art of Qi Gong, Master Maui teaches us to use our energy with ease and focus, and to learn how to consciously direct it. Watch the children, watch how they dance and move. The more they move the more energy they seem to have. Note how the young people have developed "My Space". They have expanded their space by demonstrating the energy of moving their brain into an unknown world of their physical space. Eventually science discovered how we live in a sea of energy. Energy is movement. Our bodies are not solid. We are about 75% water and 25% matter. The brain is said to be 85% water. This is a great mystery for some of us.

"However, it is time for humanity to discover how to move in the energy around us and to control it in our space. One cannot learn how to do this by reading a book or by just observing others. I have found it to be an internal experience, to be able to feel it and how it works for us. Master Maui teaches us how to move in our own energy space. To move consciously in the sea of energy around us, and to bring more balance and understanding of how the laws of creation manifest, multiply and are activated through feeling and expressing gratitude for the knowing of it."

- Dorris Heath
Scottsdale, Arizona


"Master Maui Saito, I was impressed that in the Yellow Belt Training DVD Black Belt Course of Ninjitsu you included Shinkeido early on. Your father did the same thing with us when he first opened the school in 1966. I have never had occasion to defend myself using Shinkeido, but my wife Dallas, a 3rd degree Black Belt, did twice. The first time she was walking on a San Francisco sidewalk with her mother when a drunk got in front of her and reached out to [grope her]. Dallas gave him a quick backhand Shinkeido shot which caused him to bend over in pain, and to go away. Dallas' mother didn't know anything had happened. The second incident occurred while Dallas was walking from her car in a shopping center parking lot. In this case a young fellow came up behind her and grabbed her purse. Dallas then without looking gave a shinkeido blow to the guys stomach. She didn't even look at him, although there was a quite satisfying "oof" sound.  There was a witness, as Dallas heard one of a couple of women say to the other "Did you see what that woman did?"

- Laurence Manning, Professor Stanford University,
and Ninjitsu Master



"I took the women's self defense class (an hour and a half, five days a week for three weeks) and I loved it! I am confident that if I was attacked I could defend myself. The great thing about the women's self defense class is that we learn how to take down someone bigger and stronger than us. We learned how to defend ourselves if someone grabbed us, get out of a choke hold, disarm a gunman and knifeman, etc. On top of that the class was so much fun and Master Maui is a great teacher."
- Phoebe G. Tempe, Arizona


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"I am not one to post a lot of reviews, and when I do I am brutally honest. So with that in mind, I have to say that Maui Saito Ninjitsu is by far the best and most unique program I have ever seen. My 7 year old has been doing it for just under a year and loves it. It is not your typical program where the kids stand in rows and practice moves of katas. Master Maui teaches them unique skills that would help them if ever caught in a bad situation. The kids are having so much fun that they don't even realize they are getting a valuable lesson. They are also learning how to focus when there is distraction and get out of dangerous situations. You kind of have to see it for yourself to truly get an understanding of it. On top of that, some of the moves they learn are amazing.. It doesn't matter how small you are for Ninjitsu to be effective. I have seen my 7 year old take down a kid who is twice his size and weight. It is certainly a great confidence builder and a way for kids to deal with bullies if ever put in the situation.

"Now on to Master Maui... I can sincerely say he is one of the nicest people I have ever met and  his dojo like a big family. He is great with the kids and a fantastic teacher to say the least. You can tell he truly cares about the kids and loves what he does. He was taught Ninjitsu by his father in Hawaii, you can read the unique history on his website.

"As I said, it is the kind of thing you have to see to fully get an understanding of it. I guarantee it is not like anything you have ever seen. We found it by chance when looking at different schools that were close to home. I am certainly glad we did and have no doubt my son will stick with it. I honestly can't say enough good things about the school or Master Maui... If you are looking for a place, I couldn't recommend it enough."
- Scott G.  Yelp Review
Scottsdale, Arizona


"My son LOVES it! It is very challenging but they are having so much fun! Master Maui and Master Daron are phenomenal with kids. We also ended up taking the Young Women's Self Defense class which was incredible. Learned SO much and really boosted my daughter's confidence."
- Barbara C.
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"Master Maui is one of the most patient instructors I have ever seen--he has a very calm demeanor that transfers over to his students. My son really enjoyed participating in a free trial period so much that we intend to sign up for full-time lessons."
- Kelly H.
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"My 4 year old absolutely loves Ninjitsu and Master Maui!! He is learning skills like balance, coordination as well as patience and respect. Every class is unique and jammed packed with fun things like swinging on a rope to using pool noodles as swords!! We are excited for summer camp to start soon!!"
- Shelby Huges 
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"I have a son, Jacob who is 4 and a daughter, Sylvia who is 3.  Jacob has had a hard time focusing and listening and has been in quite a bit of trouble with school and maintaining his behavior.  Because of his behavior, I was told by many friends and teachers that I should get Jacob involved in martial arts.  I took him to at least 5 different teachers around town, with an outcome of him hiding behind me and crying.  By the time I got to Master Maui’s class I had pretty much told him if he didn’t like it we would leave and try something new.  After the first 20 minutes Jacob came running out to me telling me “I love this one and I don’t want to leave.”  Every day after school Jacob and Sylvia ask if they can go to Master Maui.

Master Maui has made learning skills into a game that ALL kids enjoy.  I am so glad we found him.  We drive from Paradise Valley up to his studio. I think we pass all 5 of the other studios to get there but it’s worth every minute."
- Nicole Ryan
Scottsdale, Arizona


"I found this studio while looking for a martial arts school for my younger child. She has tried classes on different schools and fell in love with this one right away, and with good reason. The exercises are challenging and prepare the kids for many real life situations while having fun.  Master Maui is really patient and awesome with kids, contrary to other instructors who impose themselves instead.
My child would not change this class for anything!!!
Now my whole family is taking Master Maui Ninjitsu classes and we are looking forward to get our black belts one day!!
- Nathalia H C. 
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"Master Maui Saito is awesome!  There is absolutely no better place to study martial arts than his dojo.  My whole family trains with him. It has completely changed our lives.  I can't say enough.... really... I could go on and on... He is unbelievable with kids.  My two children, ages 5 and 11, have been training with him since 2009 and still beg to go to every class.  Really!  Sometimes I want a break driving around and my kids won't give me a day off from going to the dojo 3 times a week!  Maui's ability to impart his skills and knowledge to adults is incomparable.  It is not like other places.  My kids' dad is going all the way under Master Saito.  What is really special is that he is the only family descendant that was given permission by his father to teach this long secret martial art form.  It was not publicly taught until recently.  It actually encompasses all the various martial arts and goes back thousands of years.  What's more....Master Saito doesn't just know his art - He knows how to TEACH his art which I think is paramount in choosing who to follow....and he does it imparting all the deep spirituality and sacredness that goes with it.  It's the whole package - complete - and inspiring.  Training with him will definitely be one of the best things you'll ever do!  Honest!"
- Allison W.  Yelp Review
Rio Verde, Arizona


"My 4.5 year old son loves this class and looks forward to it every week. Master Maui is great with the kids and keeping them focused. He teaches them life skills and defensive skills. Also love the flexible schedule. Highly recommend!"
- Amie M.
Scottsdale, Arizona
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"Love Master Maui! So great with my kiddos!!! The kids love him." - Lindsay I.


"We love the dojo! We will continue doing business here."
- Allison G.


"[Master Maui] is very patient with children. I like how he encourages the students to solve obstacles and become self sufficient."
- Lucia B. 
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"I would whole heartily endorse Ninjitsu classes for children of all ages with Master Maui Saito. As the mother of two children who attend many weekly activities, including Ninjitsu, swimming, soccer and baseball, there is no activity my children look forward to doing more than Ninjitsu classes with Master Maui Saito. He shows infinite patience with all children, no matter their gender, age, ability or challenges. 

My 4 and half year has been receiving physical therapy twice a week since he was 3 months old. Every six months he gets reevaluated by his therapist.  Most evaluations, he generally only meets two or three of the ten or so goals set by his physical therapist. My son started with Master Maui Saito
a little over six month ago. For the first time, my son met or exceeded nearly every goal set and is no longer years behind his peers. I believe that Master Maui Saito deserves a large portion of the credit for my sons recent achievements."

- Cheri Adelson
Scottsdale, Arizona


Thank you!

- Master Maui saito