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 $35 per class

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2nd family member $25 OFF

3rd or more family members $50 OFF total per month

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A great atmosphere, World Class Martial Arts Training
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Currently Class Registration comes with a FREE Gi (uniform)!
& One Time Only Registration


ninja tiger Cub & ninja Tiger
class Registration


FREE Blue or Black Gi, includes belt, for the first two kids classes, Ninja Tiger Cubs & Ninja Tigers.  Ages 4-9.

ninja tiger warrior class registration


FREE Black Gi Fully embroidered on back like adult gi, includes belt, for Ninja Tiger Warriors and may be worn for advancement to the adult class. 
Ages 10-12.

Adult/teen saito bloodline ninjitsu class registration


FREE Fully embroidered BLACK Custom Gi, includes belt.

Please note gi brand names may vary from pictures shown above.

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for adults, or guardian on behalf of a minor.

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Out-of-state Visitors

Out-of-state visitors are invited to join our classes for just $32 per each individual class.

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