Special Needs Students are our Specialty too

Kids, Teens, and Adults

Our diverse individual and group teaching make our curriculum uniquely adaptable to special needs students who fit in beautifully, and whom we encourage to join. 

Our structure of classes and teaching is seen in the history of many ancient martial arts, where more experienced students help instruct the other students in the same class, thereby greatly influencing each others progress and increase in skills.  Students in this type of environment encourage each other tremendously.


“I panicked! My Daughter graduated from High School and was headed for the the east coast for college. Worst of all, she’s deaf. We called Master Maui and scheduled some private instruction classes. My daughter learned some great self-defense techniques and improved her life-skills. He trained her with her eyes closed so she could use her aura as a defense mechanism. I saw my little girl beat up some pretty big guys, Wow! On her summer break, she was back with Master Maui because she really loved the training, Awesome!”  - Mary



We teach to the pace and ability of the class, including special needs students. We can either slow the pace down or pick the pace up. At least twice in each kids class all students are asked to meditate, to still their bodies and to still their minds.  Come watch our classes and talk with Master Maui Saito to develop a specialized teaching program for your child.  Be put in contact with our other parents who have seen amazing results with their own children.

Classes for Adults and Teens can also accommodate special needs.

Contact us by email - or talk with Master Maui Saito directly at 480-721-2626 →


“My sons vision and eye sight improved tremendously with the coordination exercises Master Maui has trained with him, not to mention confidence. We said goodbye to the eye doctor. It’s a blessing. Thank you Master Maui.”   - Otilia

"I would whole heartily endorse Ninjitsu classes for children of all ages with Master Maui Saito. As the mother of two children who attend many weekly activities, including Ninjitsu, swimming, soccer and baseball, there is no activity my children look forward to doing more than Ninjitsu classes with Master Maui Saito. He shows infinite patience with all children, no matter their gender, age, ability or challenges. 

My 4 and half year has been receiving physical therapy twice a week since he was 3 months old. Every six months he gets reevaluated by his therapist.  Most evaluations, he generally only meets two or three of the ten or so goals set by his physical therapist. My son started with Master Maui Saito a little over six month ago. For the first time, my son met or exceeded nearly every goal set and is no longer years behind his peers. I believe that Master Maui Saito deserves a large portion of the credit for my sons recent achievements."

- Cheri Adelson