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Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu is both Master Maui Saito's School and the Saito Ninjitsu martial art.  Where the art and it's mastery is taught with exceptional personal instruction by Master Maui Saito, with 40 years of teaching experience.  Saito Ninjitsu is a 2000 year old art that was handed down through his Japanese Saito family clan.  He teaches varied, inspirational, and the most effective classes and programs available.  Saito Ninjitsu training includes over 40 different martial arts, such as, Japanese Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Yawara, Shinkeido, Samurai Swordsmanship Training, Iaido Training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mushin, Weapons, and much much more!

"This place is awesome!" - Barb C.

"Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu is the real deal."
- Mark W.


"Highly Recommend!"
- Amie M.

"My child would not change this class for anything!!!  Now my whole family is taking Master Maui Ninjitsu classes and we are looking forward to get our black belts one day!!"
- Nathalia H C.

"I honestly can't say enough good things about the school or Master Maui... If you are looking for a place, I couldn't recommend it enough."
- Scott G.

Saito Ninjitsu International


Saito Ninjitsu International was created by Master Maui Saito with its purpose to bring the training and teachings of the martial art of Saito Ninjitsu (Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu) to people around the world and for future generations.   The development of online training videos is a key part of that endeavor. 

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We offer the best in a martial art and a martial arts school.  The best most effective training for adults & compassionate, challenging, fun classes and camps for children.


"We [took] the Young Women's Self Defense class which was incredible.  We learned SO much..." - Barbara C.

"There is absolutely no better place to study martial arts than [this] dojo!"
- Allison W.

"I took him to at least 5 different teachers around town, with an outcome of him hiding behind me and crying... After the first 20 minutes Jacob came running out to me telling me “I love this one and I don’t want to leave.”  - Nicole Ryan


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"To be a great warrior, one must study his enemy.  Know everything about the enemy, including his strengths.  If you look spiritually enough you will find his weaknesses." - Master Maui Saito