Law Enforcement Training

No nonsense - The best techniques and training available in the world for all the various forms of law enforcement, protection, and combative situations.  Master Maui Saito trains regular classes every week, and provides special training events and seminars as needed.  Students are from police departments, military, CIA agents, FBI agents, DEA, Secret Service, Special Units, Sheriff Dept, Corrections Officers, private bodyguards, and the list goes on. 

Master Maui Saito is the best there is - and the training is the best there is.

Superior training to that of any specialized school.

real world, detailed, exceedingly effective, and reliable.

Weapons Retention
Weapons Retention

Training Curriculum

Our Specialized Law Enforcement Training expressly caters to those dealing with high level confrontations, and who face life-threatening situations every day.  The training is uniquely different from our other classes.  We will focus on day to day law enforcement conflict situations, involving all possible scenarios, solutions, and the teaching of advanced skills. 

This class will include guns, knives, and hand held weapons fighting to heighten and improve your abilities.  Emphasis is on minimal exertion and maximum efficiency and impact.  This training is for real world situations, and involves training in the use of various powerful restraint techniques with a “no blood, no broken bones, no lawsuits” mentality.  These restraint techniques are designed to bring those out of control individuals into immediate control. 

Many of the techniques taught require only the use of one hand so the other hand may be free to use a radio, firearm, or other use. 

We also teach techniques that can potentially cause injury, and even potentially deadly force, giving you the confidence to keep the peace and keep yourself and others safe.  We include extensive instruction on techniques used against multiple suspects, attackers, as well as individuals.

Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu is not a watered down competitive martial arts sport, but rather teaches actual combat ready skills and techniques, as preserved in their full and original martial arts form.  This martial art was designed to save lives – yours and others. This training is for those looking to exponentially increase their effectiveness, helping to significantly minimize the risks associated with a potentially dangerous profession.

You are invite to attend for FREE to see our curriculum without commitment and costs are month to month.

In addition, all participating Law Enforcement students are welcome to attend any of our other scheduled Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu classes, and private lessons are available upon request.

Inquire about our Comprehensive Workshops and Seminars at the request of any Law Enforcement Agency, Academy, or similar entity.

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"Saito Bloodline Ninjitsu is the real deal... Most high level belts of [other schools] couldn't fight their way out of wet paper bag... Now, let's talk about Saito Ninjitsu - It is Krav Maga on steroids. Much, much more. I started studying with Master Maui after my son, now a police officer, had been studying with him a few years. My son has tried some of the techniques taught here on me. And frankly, he has put me in more pain than I have ever experienced in my life (and I'm a big strong guy). These techniques really work and every police officer should attend his law enforcement classes for their own safety. I have learned some, well, brutal techniques that would disable any attacker. I have no desire to break anyone's bones, but in a bad situation, I might have to... Oh, and speaking of Master Maui, how often do you get the chance to train with a true Master?  It's actually pretty rare.  Another advantage... is the fact that I can control someone with very workable locking techniques. In other martial arts you basically punch and kick your way to victory over an opponent. Hopefully your opponent is not too big or he's not a better puncher than you. I'd rather, throw some quick counter attacks, then lock him up and hold him for the police."

- Mark W.  Phoenix, AZ